About Southeastern WIsconsin Christian Homeschool Athletics (SWCHA): 

Southeast Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletics (SWCHA) is a Christian youth athletics organization honoring our Lord and Savior with a focus on excellence and discipline in sports. SWCHA exists to provide homeschool families access to sports programs for grade school and high school youth.


SWCHA was founded in 1997 by The Waukesha County Christian Home Educators, a small homeschooling support group who sought to establish a sports program to give home school students the opportunity to participate in athletics.


Starting with a basketball program for boys and girls in fifth through eighth grades, SWCHA joined the Lake Area Christian Conference in 1998. Flag football, volleyball and high school basketball teams were added later that year.


The SWCHA Saints program started with 30 athletes and today serves more than 200, offering soccer, tackle football, flag football, volleyball, basketball, track, baseball and golf.